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Match Film Analysis

Grass Field

Written Analysis

Receive a written analysis from your game footage. MatchFit will highlight parts of the game where you did well and parts where you can improve. The analysis will be timestamped so the player can go back and watch it with a new perspective on their game performance. In the analysis will also be a recommendation of professional players that you can study that play your position. 

Video Meeting

A virtual meeting using Google Meets will be planned. In the meeting we will watch and go over different situations in the game where the player can improve. Team coaches simply do not have the time to analyze game footage with every player individually, that's where we come in. One of the most effective ways to better your game is to watch yourself play. Going over footage with a coach is pivotal in developing positive habits in matches  

Game Situational Training Plan

The film analysis notes will be saved and used to plan 1on1 trainings with the player. Position specific drills using situations seen in the game will be used in training sessions to build the player's confidence for future matches. Sessions will consider the kind of formation and tactical philosophy the player's team has. 

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We will get back to you with available days/times within 1 week for our Video Meeting to go over the Game Film. Game Analyses will also be sent within 1 week. 

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Single Game- $100

Package of 3- $285


  • Written Analyses

  • Video Meeting

  • Game Situational Training Plan

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