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Own your development.

MatchFit Academy is a supplemental soccer training program for players looking to elevate their game. We're club neutral and work with all ages and skill levels. From Sunday league to youth club soccer, from college players to kids just getting introduced to the game, MFA strives to provide an environment where footballers can challenge themselves to be the best they can be both on and off the field.


Shawn Nix

"All I can say is that we are very lucky to have found Coach Jonathan. He's a 10 out of 10. Perfect coach. Experienced, professional, and super likeable guy. His own passion for soccer fires up his students. So great ....."

Meet the Coach

Jonny Blake

Jonny was fortunate enough to have the experience of traveling the world at a young age, learning and playing soccer while representing his youth club, academy, Region II ODP Team, and Sonoma State University. He has played in international competitions in England, Whales, Costa Rica, Italy, Holland, Germany, and Belgium. Jonny’s been coaching for 5 years and started MatchFit in 2018 after his collegiate career was over. He is a founder of Juego Sports, a soccer equipment supplier. He is also an official talent scout at IFX, an international soccer agency.

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1on1 Training

Full player assessment consisting of technical training, cognitive training, speed&agility, and position specific work. These sessions are modified to fit the needs of the player's individual level and position on the pitch. In 1on1 sessions, the player receives maximum attention to fine tune the details and ultimately build a more confident player. 

Group Training

Group sessions consist of 2-6 players. Train game related situations while adding a competitive aspect within the group. These trainings will focus on each players' technical and cognitive abilities while also testing the physical aspect of the game. Train with a sibling or friend- share this link with anyone you'd like to start a training group with! 

Player Development Plans

Our players deserve the highest level of support, that's why we we assist in goal setting so that there is a roadmap to them becoming the best player they can be. A part of this is a Player Development Plan(PDP). The PDPs are written to player/parent to communicate strengths and weaknesses of the player. These will be updated every 5th session. In your PDP there will also be drills they can work on at home by themselves or with a parent/sibling. 

Match Film Analysis

Send us your game film or invite us out to watch a live match! MFA gives complete feedback of the player's presence in a game. This includes detailed notes on where to improve and reinforcing the good habits they exhibited. A club or academy coach has too many players to analyze each individual with film, that's where we come in!  We provide complete attention to the individual player.

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